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I know the Bhagavad Gita says we are not this body we are the soul and the soul never dies, “For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.” So where is the question of being woman or man, when we are not this body, does it really matter what dress you are wearing? It does, doesn’t it, because although we are not this body we all act, behave and perform according to our respective natures. We all know it, that feeling that kicks in when you see your daughter treated as a second class citizen, just because she is in a particular body. There is some dignity in giving respect to your identity as a Woman, and we should not be afraid of talking about it or discovering the silent strengths hidden within every Woman.

Yes, I agree I am the soul, yet I also know that I am a Woman in a man’s world. Even though we may be considered the weaker sex in the material world, I do feel in the spiritual world I am a stronger self. With a woman’s spirit, I stand tall again and again even if i fall on my face a million more times. As my ego is crushed day in and day out through the harshness of men around me, I learn being a woman is a humble success. I learn how to stop all the hurting, by giving the world all my love. As a woman this is my greatest power, my saving grace and no man can imagine, how the art of giving sets me free. It is like a song, I can rule like a queen, be a superhero hold my head high the further I go. Can it be that though I am not this body, I want my soul to remain a woman forever? Wait a minute, does this make any sense? We have heard a ladies heart but what about a female soul.

If we study the philosophy we will realize that Krishna is the ultimate Purusha and everything else, you, me, including this material creation is Prakriti, the feminine energy. Therefore there is no truth greater than this, being a Woman is the greatest boon in this world and the spiritual world, because indeed we are all feminine in our true spiritual nature. So wouldn’t it be nice if we just embrace the beauty of being a woman. Whether you are the SheEO of a company calling the big shots or a washer girl simply cleaning the floors and following millennial instructions, you are a powerhouse, a Woman. We do not need to be frightened or insecure to be ourselves. Does it really matter that much, if we are told we are weaker? Weakness is only seen by those who possess it, for those to possess strength they shine bright like the Sun giving everyone some sunshine. Empowering every single suffering soul with the ambition to believe in the worst of worst, grow faith and develop a relationship with the love resting in their hearts. Prabhupada showed the world how a real strong man treats and behaves with women, he gives us equal opportunity and wants us to flourish no matter what the odds. He created the world’s first female monks, priests, brahmins, temple presidents and sanyasini’s. It is not just about wearing a saffron robe and holding a stick, it is an internal journey that Prabhupada taught his daughters to read. He created the story of being a real Woman, he gave us the path, through chanting, singing and dancing. He gave us a mission, to foster a consciousness, to deepen our relationships, to love Krishna and to be a Woman.

Whether you are the SheEO of a company calling the big shots or a washer girl simply cleaning the floors and following millennial instructions, you are a powerhouse, a Woman.

A society that respects its women, protects them and treats them right is bound to succeed. If we look back at native american women they depicted a culture of maternal spirituality through embracing women as the natural leaders. Mother earth herself is a Woman, she is again and again teaching us the need to respecting her, for what else is this global pandemic COVID-19 an indication of ?

So my dear ladies, do not shy away from calling yourself a Woman. When we get to dance with the ultimate prince, Krishna, when we are under his protection what do we need to worry? In a world that tries to break us apart just because of our gender, why should we lose sight of our spiritual prowess? Angels come into the world in the form of women, what better way to test this truth then study a mother’s love for her child who is the closest description to God’s power on earth. If Krishna is our father, then a Woman is his servant representative, a part and parcel of God.

The reason I am writing about this today is because I feel the greatest source of love, feeling and emotional strength comes from the art of being a Woman. Yes, we are rational beings, yet this spiritual strength of love is a woman’s talent. Only a good mother can teach her son the art of loving a strong woman. A woman can be it all, a well educated modern confident daughter and a traditional simple submissive housewife. The balance of it all is what it means to be a Woman.

So my dear ladies, go out there, chant the holy name, read the sacred texts, hold your head up high, share your sankirtan and pray diligently. Don’t give up or give in, stick in there. If the world finds a problem in you, let them be… for in your heart you will succeed, because every test, every try, every battle fought for Krishna is a step closer to the solution. From the gopis who left their homes to serve Krishna’s lotus feet, to meerabai who gave up the fortunes of a kingdom to live as a peasant on streets. From queen Kunti, who begged for calamity after calamity in her humble prayers to draw her attraction only to him, to the saint like sage Shabri who waited for years and years without any doubt or hesitation in her mind, smiling in anticipation to see the Lord. All these women sang stories of Krishna’s love and mercy. What do we learn from these goddesses? Who better can explain the wonders and magic of love in separation than Radharani herself, who is the true female energy of Krishna himself, a Woman. We do not have to imitate but we only have to learn and inspire.

Don’t be afraid anymore, be yourself, be a warrior, be self made and show the world what it means to be a Woman.


  • Gayatri
    September 3, 2020

    Hare Krishna! Thank you so much , you have written very beautiful,it touched to my heart.

  • Jessfallon
    June 12, 2022

    Hare Krishna! Beautifully written and just the words I needed to read 💛


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