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The Inspiration List

Every day I make a list, either written or in my mind, which has helped me to move forward in times of struggle. When I don’t feel inspired, looking at this list has made a great difference. I hope my little inventory of what’s important helps you to make your own list as well. If you don’t already have your personal inspiration list, please feel free to use mine and/or create your own from there.

The Inspiration List

1) CHANT with absorption, knowing Krishna listens to the voice of your chanting.

2) RELISH the Srimad Bhagavatam every day and share what struck ‘you’ with others.

3) Let go of your fear – SURRENDER! By conscientiously choosing small acts for the pleasure of the Lord, you build a strong bridge of surrender that eventually brings you to Him.

4) LISTEN to the saints, every day.

5) CHOOSE good friends and dare to talk with them of things you are usually silent about.

6) Don’t become attached. REMAIN CLEAR. You are a citizen of the spiritual world, staying only a short time in the guesthouse of planet earth.

7) Know that in GIVING and not taking, the real treasures of life are coming to you.

8) Learn to THINK thoughts that give you energy.

9) Find that small spark in your heart, and then ACT OUT OF LOVE rather than duty.

Written by – Sacinandana Swami

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