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The Elixir of Immortality, Prabhupada’s Books

Millions of years ago a great sacrifice was performed to obtain an elixir of immortality. After it had been obtained there was fighting over this pot of nectar. At which time the jug (Kumbha) had to be put down on earth, and a few drops spilt in 4 different locations. At certain planetary configurations every 12 years that same nectar is said to be present in these 4 places. Because of this, even today millions of people gather for the Kumbha-mela festival.

This nectar is said to give you so many material and spiritual benefits, Long life, health, prosperity etc. But let’s explore a different type of nectar. The nectar available in Prabhupada’s books. Prabhupada’s books give us not just the key to immortality, but entrance into eternal, joyful life in the spiritual realm. They don’t just give us material prosperity but an introduction to loving devotional service of Radha and Krishna, a secret not even understood by the demigods who performed this great sacrifice. They don’t give us material prosperity but they give us an opportunity to gain life’s only real wealth, true happiness, selfless service and blissful spiritual experience.

We really don’t know what we are dealing with in these books. They are the most confidential secrets of all spiritual knowledge, yet we are giving them out on the streets! With each book we are giving not just a few drops of nectar but an unlimited ocean of love. Just reading each book is equivalent to attending thousands Kumbha-melas, what to speak of distributing this to others. And even better we don’t have to wait 12 years to get the nectar! Its right here, right now!

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