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Upholstered Twin Platform Bed: The Benefits and How to Buy


Purchasing a new bed can be a complex undertaking, especially for someone with little furniture buying expertise.


In addition to various aspects to consider, one should also keep an eye out for certain qualities. Nobody wants a bed that breaks down the moment they lie down on it or that doesn't compliment their bedroom's decor.


That's why knowing the advantages of an upholstered twin platform bed and how to purchase one can put you ahead of the game.



So, Let’s Look First at The Benefits of Upholstered Twin Platform Bed


#1. Comfort


You spend a third of your life in bed. You deserve a place that's as comfortable as possible! An upholstered twin platform bed gives you a comfy place to sleep, rest and recharge for tomorrow.


Whether you want a simple base or an elegant, beautiful upgrade for your bedroom, there are plenty of options available to suit any need.


#2. A wide range of styles


Just like any other bed, an upholstered twin platform bed should be a reflection of your personality. The benefit of having so many styles to choose from is that you can get precisely the bed you want.


You can also find frames that match other pieces of furniture or accessories you already own. Whether they coordinate or contrast, try to stick with only one style for an overall aesthetic.


#3. Easy to clean


In addition to being stylish, this type of bed frame is easy to clean. Some models have removable fabrics that you can wash in the washing machine. There are also those with no cushioning, you wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth, and you're done!


#4. A soft visual effect


These beds come in so many styles and color schemes that it's easy to find one that blends seamlessly with your existing decor.


If you love to read, an upholstered platform twin bed is ideal as they typically offer more head and neck support than other beds. Many come with padded headboards and leg rests as well as built-in storage.



Now That You Have Identified the Benefits, How Do You Buy One?


#1. First, Measure the size of the mattress.


Buying the best twin platform bed without measuring your mattress isn't just wasteful; it's risky. If you don't have the correct measurement, you could end up wasting money on a frame that doesn’t work for you.


In addition, you risk damaging your mattress while trying to get it into a bad fit. An incorrectly sized bed frame may not provide enough room for your pillows and linens—resulting in wrinkled sheets and other annoyances.


#2. Second, consider the floor space.


Take some measurements of your bedroom to get an idea of how much clearance the space you need. It's preferable to keep the distance between the bed and the wall at about 6 inches.


Similarly, many of these contemporary upholstered twin platform beds do not require box springs and include storage options such as under-bed drawers, allowing for more room savings.


#3. Third, know your style.


It is only natural that you want to buy a comfortable bed, where you can enjoy a peaceful slumber. It's essential to choose one that matches your style and furniture. #4. Lastly, identify where to buy


It's a fact that most people have limited budgets, so it's essential to know where to purchase your bed. Make sure to read customer reviews to determine the seller's credibility.


Also, plan to ensure that items will be available if/when you need them. Buy from an online retailer if possible; many offer free shipping and discounts on purchases.


Useful Article: Twin Platform Bed Frame Review - The Buying Guide


Closing Thoughts


Upholstered twin platform beds make your bedroom more attractive; they are perfect for kids' and adults’ bedrooms. Buying one may be just what you need to achieve comfort and sophistication.


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