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Kartik Parikrama

  /  Kartik Parikrama

Welcome to Kartik - the most sacred month on the year!

Day 1 - Vrindavan

Vrindavana: Krishna’s Playground

Come and see where Krishna spent his childhood and youth.

Day 2 - Akrura Ghat

Akrura Ghat: Krishna will never leave you.

Hear of the Gopis’ heartache and Akrura’s astonishment.

Day 3 - Mathura

Mathura: Krishna’s appearance.

Let Krishna appear in your heart.

Day 4 - Madhuvan

Madhuvan: Pastimes as sweet as honey.

Hear of Druva’s transformation.

Day 5 - Talavana

Talavan: The juiciest fruits.

Banish lust, envy, anger, pride, greed & illusion by the mercy of our Spiritual Master.

Day 6 - Bahulavana

Bahulavana: Sacrifice, Sincerity and Simple living.

Hear of the test of Yamaraj.

Day 7 – Paitha

Paitha: The Rasa lila

Hear of the Gopis search of Krishna and how Srimati Radharani’s pure love captured Krishna.

Day 8 – Govardhana

Govardhana: The King of Hills

Capture the spirit of Govardhana and discover the significance of praikrama.

Day 9 – Radha Kund

Radha Kund: The most holy place.

Learn how yo enter these pure and divine waters of Srimati Radharani’s love.

Day 10 – Ganthuli

Ganthuli: Deity meets devotee.

Learn how Srinathji arranged to meet Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Day 11 – Adi Badri

Adi Badri: Residents of Braj on pilgrimage.

Take your mind on pilgrimage.

Day 12 – Kedaranatha

Kedaranatha: Lord Shiva’s abode.

Protector of the Holy Dham.

Day 13 – Kamyavan

Kamyavan: The place of transcendental love of the divine couple.

Hear of a place to fulfil your spiritual desires.

Day 14 – Sanket

Sanket : The secret meeting place of Radha and Krishna

Hear of how Rādhārānī took great risks to meet Krishna!

Day 15 – Varsana

Varsana : The secret meeting place of Radha and Krishna

Hear of how you need to please Rādhārānī to catch the attention of Krsna.


Day 16 – Nandagram

Nandagram : Home of the cows.

Hear of the importance of the cows in Krsna’s life.

Day 17 – Javat

Yavat : RadhaRani’s wedding present.

Hear of the supreme feelings of separation.

Day 18 – Kokilavana

Kokilavana : The Place of the Cuckoo.

Hear of Krishna’s call to Radharani.

Day 19 – Kosi

Kosi : Special place for Srila Prabhupada.

Hear of Prabhupada meeting his future spiritual master.

Day 20 – Khelanvana

Khelanvana : Krishna and the Gopas’ childhood playtimes.

This is the spiritual world – every step a dance, every word a song, and every day full of playful joy…

Day 21 – Rama Ghat

Rama Ghat : the place of Balaram’s pastimes.

Hear of Balaram’s rasa dance.

Day 22 – Cira Ghat

Cira Ghat : Krishna captures the gopis.

Let Krishna steal your heart.

Day 23 – Bhandiravana

Bilvavana:  Krishna plays in the mystical firest.

Hear of how Lakshmi devi performed austerities in order to enter the rasa dance

Day 24 – Bilvavana

Bhandiravana:  Krishna lunches with the cowherd boys.

Hear of how Krishna responds to our calling to save us from our internal raging fires.

Day 25 – Pani Gaon

Pani Gaon:  Durvasa Muni’s ashram.

Hear of the importance of Vaisnava seva.

Day 26 – Bandi

Bandi:  Abode of Bandi Anandi.

Hear of the importance of humility required to develop the pure love of Krishna.

Day 27 -Dauji

Dauji:  Home of the deity of Lord Balarama.

Hear of love between Krishna and his elder brother Balarama.

Day 28 – Brahmanda Ghat

Brahmanda Ghat:  The cowherd boys tell on Krishna.

Hear of how mother Yashoda saw the entirety of creation.

Day 29 – Raval

Raval:  The birthplace of Shri Rdharani.

Hear how Radharani waited for Krsna before opening her eyes to the World.

Day 30 – Vrindavana

Vrindavana:  Srila Prabhupada home.

Hear the closing words as we come to the end of our journey.

Final Reflection

Kartik Month:  Final words.

What have been your realisations in this wonderful month?