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Sankirtan-Priya Das

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Sankirtan-Priya Das

School of Bhakti Teacher

Hello! This is my story.

One of the newest members of the Bhaktivedanta Manor monastery having only joined in 2017, Sankirtan-Priya left his career in the City of London within the Financial Services industry, to swap suits for robes and sleep on the floor at the Bhaktivedanta Manor.


Born in a small village in North Tanzania with no running water or electricity, Sankirtan Priya’s early childhood was steeped in the culture of Bhakti. Every evening the villagers would gather around as his Grandma would recite amazing stories from the ancient Vedic epic, the Ramayana.


Then at 15, he moved to England with little grasp of the English language and entered a new culture altogether. But with a good head and hard work, he soon attained qualifications in computing and joined an IT consultancy company as a project manager.


In 1990, he received his first Bhagavad Gītā on a night out in the west end. And his connection to his Bhakti roots immediately got revived. The presence of the Bhagavad Gita in his life helped to anchor him through various personal stresses like losing his father and looking after several family member simultaneously afflicted with various mental and physical illnesses.


Now after 18 years of experience in the corporate working world and finally leaving the ‘rat race’, Sankirtan-Priya brings to the School of Bhakti his own unique style of administration and structured approach in creating an organisation that can provide much needed spiritual sustenance for society.


He also leads a Bhakti Vriksha sector in the North West London region, conducted at Bhaktivedanta Manor and is a mentor to several devotees.

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