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Renu Vasudev

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Renu Vasudev

School of Bhakti Teacher

Renu is a Secondary Science teacher with approximately 20 years teaching experience and also holds qualifications in Human Resources Management.


She began to realize the transient nature of human existence and started taking spiritual life seriously at the age of seventeen after a chance meeting with a saint.


For the next five years, she & her family would spend 10 weeks every year in a holy place in India whilst seriously focusing on spiritual practices and deep meditation which ultimately led her to join the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).


Renu has been connected with Bhaktivedanta Manor since 2010. She fondly remembers how attending the School of Bhakti Gita Life course in 2013 had a profound impact on her life, following which she enjoyed attending many a retreat to the most holiest of places in India including Vrindavan.


She believes that the ‘unique selling point’ of the School of Bhakti is the rich philosophy shared in a practical, easy to digest and empowering way. She has experienced this first-hand and witnessed the magical, transformative power of the universal wisdom rooted in the Krishna tradition which not only inspires but transforms the student on every level.


The recent lockdown measures provided Renu with an opportunity to focus on giving back to the community. Currently she is involved with the SB Gita Life course, facilitating midweek sessions which enable students to ask questions and have deeper discussions relating to the philosophy and its practical application which have been very well received.


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