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Ramanath Sukha Das

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Ramanath Sukha Das

School of Bhakti Teacher

Profile of Ramanath Sukha Das

Ramanatha-Sukha Das joined the Krishna consciousness movement in April 1973 in Atlanta Georgia. He was received in the Krsna conscious disciplic succession by Srila Prabhupada in 1975 and has presented the philosophy and teachings of Krishna consciousness for many decades in America, Europe, and India.


Known for being judicious in his approach to the philosophy and how it is applied in practice, Ramanath Suka has provided a valuable social commentary on the development of the modern-day Hare Krishna movement in terms of how it is managed in line with Krishna conscious principles of governance.


In 1989-90 he served as the temple president of ISKCON Philadelphia. He has resided in London for almost 3 years and is presently serving at Bhaktivedanta Manor as a mentor and counsellor. For the past 6 years he has also been involved in researching the Bhakti tradition to bring to light deeper esoteric understandings of the relationship between the Supreme Divinity known as Krishna and the celestial personalities known as Demigods.


Known for his oratory skills, Ramanatha Suka has many personal stories and realizations from his spiritual journey which he is known to enthusiastically share, especially with new people interested in finding out more about the devotional path (Bhakti) of Krishna consciousness.


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