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Prema Pradip Das

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Prema Pradip Das

Hello! This is my story.

Prema Pradip Das started Krishna Consciousness by observing Krishna’s beauty on the front cover of a Srila Prabhupada book called “Krishna Book” in a shop in Spain. He bought the book for his sister and she came into contact with devotees. Soon after, he decided to become a vegetarian and a devotee gave him a book called “The Higher Taste”. Things began to make more sense for him and he found the spiritual path that he had been searching for since his childhood.

By Krishna’s arrangement, he met Deaf devotees whilst spending some time at Bhaktivedanta Manor and started learning British Sign Language (BSL). As time went by, he felt the necessity to perform some service for Lord Krishna and was told that the Deaf devotees needed help. That was a revelation for him, and he decided to put his full heart in the service of RKDA – Radha Krishna Deaf people Association.

Since then, Prema Pradip Das has been actively supporting the Deaf Vaishnava community and has been involved in projects, interpreting, teaching and events. His day job is a professional sign language interpreter, and he likes to offer his skills in the service of the Lord and share his experience with others.

Prema Pradip Das now lives his life with gratitude to Srila Prabhupada, the previous spiritual teachers, devotees, and ultimately to Lord Krishna. He follows the path of Krishna consciousness with great enthusiasm, feeling ever-grateful to be associated with such inspiring people who have guided him on his spiritual journey.

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