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Parama Karuna Das

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Parama Karuna Das

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Parama Karuna Das

Born into a devout Swami Narayan family, Parama was destined for a life of spirituality. From a young age he was immersed in Vedic culture and his home was regularly visited by monks, holy men and spiritual practitioners.


In 2000, while studying for a Master’s degree in Aerospace engineering from Queen Mary University in London; he came across the Krishna Consciousness University Society. Within a year Parama became the President of the Krishna Consciousness Society! After graduation, he worked for a year in the aircraft industry before deciding to pack it in and move into the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple as a full time monk. His chosen field is education and he has taught numerous courses and residential training programs.


Aside from teaching, he is one of the leaders of congregational development in the temple and places a very high emphasis on devotee care. Parama has a few lesser known talents too, he is a talented and versatile actor taking lead roles in some of the Bhaktivedanta Manor theatre productions. He is also trained in Aikido and is a gifted dancer. His dancing prowess often comes through in his graceful dancing during some of the energetic music meditations that take place at the temple.

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