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Gopal Das

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Gopal Das

Hello! This is my story.

Gopal Das is an experienced kirtaneer who served for 15 years in ISKCON Vrindavan’s 24 Hour Kirtan Department, where he gained extensive knowledge and experience of mridanga and karatalas. He is honoured to share that knowledge with the devotee community and help them to improve their kirtan skills.

Gopal Das has also coordinated and managed 24 hour kirtan festivals in Sri Vrindavan, Sri Dham Mayapur, New Vrindaban, Toronto and other places across the ISKCON world. He is currently part of the wider Bhaktivedanta Manor community, but still acts as a senior adviser to the 24 Hour Kirtan Department.

My Education

My Experience

Vrindavana 24 Hour Kirtan
School of Bhakti
Music Teacher