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Gauranga Das

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Gauranga Das

School of Bhakti Teacher

Hello! This is my story.

Director of a world famous United Nations award winning Eco village, a driving force behind one of the most successful Krishna conscious institutes in the world (ISKCON Chowpatty) and an extraordinary speaker and leader who has inspired and mentored thousands of people around the world including author and purpose coach Jay Shetty.


Gauranga Das is a man of formidable character and integrity. Originally from South India, Gauranga Das graduated from Mumbai’s prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. Whilst a student there, he met the Hare Krishna monks and was so impacted by their teachings and character that he decided to dedicate his life to practicing Krishna consciousness and sharing that with others.


He subsequently became a monk in the ISKCON Chowpatty temple and has been actively working to embed and demonstrate the benefits of the Krishna conscious lifestyle and philosophy into various projects he’s been involved with; in fields as diverse as coaching, research & academia, environmental sustainability and stewardship, tourism, skill development, addiction recovery and leadership.

He has given over 10,000 lectures and seminars in the last two decades, transforming countless lives and driving change in communities worldwide.

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