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Bhaja Govindam Das

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Bhaja Govindam Das

School of Bhakti Teacher

Bhaja Govindam Das

Bhaja Govindam Dasa’s search for the deeper understanding of life and the world was not satisfied with the scientific, but ever changing, explanations from his Natural Sciences degree from the University of Cambridge. Seeking a greater meaning for life, he started investing time in exploring spirituality and various religions, recognising the essence to be going on a journey towards a loving relationship with God.


His spiritual journey led him to the Krishna Consciousness movement during a work project in USA where he took a liking to the temple deities, spiritual association and the Bhakti yoga philosophy which succinctly answered many of his unorthodox questions. Now initiated, his main service is to spread the mission and present the Bhakti yoga practice in an insightful, practical and applicable way while working as a Solutions Architect in the corporate world of IT.

My Education

University of Cambridge
Natural Sciences degree


My Experience

Solutions Architect
School of Bhakti
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