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Baba Haridas

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Baba Haridas

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Baba Haridas

A disciple of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Bada Haridas is known for his inspiring and soulful kirtans and bhajans. He has performed and taught devotional music, including Indian classical music and raga since 1975. He has produced numerous devotional music albums and travels internationally, presenting seminars on Vaisnava songs and devotional practices, and facilitating kirtan courses and retreats all over the world.


After meeting his spiritual master in 1975, Bada Haridas moved into the ashram in Los Angeles. Living as a monk for six years, Bada Haridas infused all of his musical endeavours with devotion and love for Krishna’s names and made his singing an extension of his personal connection to the Lord.


In 1981, Bada Haridas married Kosarupa dasi. For many years, together they led a missionary life of travelling and teaching, living in India, and later settled to manage the Laguna Beach temple, ashram and restaurant. They have raised two beautiful vaisnava children and are now based in Florida, USA.

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