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Adi Ganga Devi Dasi

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Adi Ganga Devi Dasi

School of Bhakti Teacher

Hello! This is my story.

Adi Ganga fell into Krishna Consciousness by accident! She came to one or two events because of the friends she made, kept coming because the food was delicious, and got energised through the chanting of Krishna’s names. As time went by, she decided to stay because the knowledge about huge topics was so empowering. She has never looked back!

Since then, Adi Ganga has attended practically every course in the CVS repertoire and now finds herself teaching them! Teaching, not only in her day job as a primary school teacher but also as a transmitter of transcendental topics, awakens something deep within her. It’s a unique opportunity to convey something sublime which can stir the hearts of others.

Adi Ganga now lives as a devotee and follows the path with great enthusiasm, feeling ever grateful to be associated with such inspiring people who have guided her on the spiritual path.

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