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8. Bhakti Life: The science of yoga practice

Now that we’ve learned all the good stuff, it’s time to put it all together and see how practicing it can make our life joyful and worthwhile… on a spiritual note, of course.

Spiritual life is actually very simple. It just needs a bit of discipline. But once you get into the flow of it all, you’ll be flying high – like a kite in the sky – far above all your worries and distractions, and out of reach from all things that could bring you down.

So what’d you reckon? Was it goo?

But don’t go yet! One last thing… the next video shows you how to meditate. It’s a conversation, and Ryan and Sutapa will show you how it’s done!

So that’s it folks! But don’t stop here – get involved!

How about the Be A Monk for a week course? Come stay with us and get some good monk training!

Or how about a FREE meditation course? You’ll be an expert super meditator with this course!

Until then, sail swiftly!

Abandon all varities of religion and surrender to me. I will deliver you from all sinful reactions – do not fear.

Next topic: Visit us, Be A Monk and a FREE meditation course

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