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Divine Intervention

On recent travels around the country I met a lady who expressed frustration in her attempts to find God. She told me her story: two years of spiritual travels, countless nights of prayer, careful scriptural exploration and persistent introspection, but still no sign! “Will I ever find Him?” she asked. “I’m beginning to question whether He even exists.” What to speak of the ‘searchers,’ even the faithful often doubt that their Supreme friend is actually alive and active. A seeming lack of reciprocation and intervention can discourage even the most devout spiritualist. Where is God when you need Him?!

While desiring a divine audience, we’d do well to bear the following in mind:

  • Action – internal yearning should be accompanied by external endeavour. When the man made a diligent daily prayer to win the lottery, God was more than willing to acquiesce – if only he actually went out and bought a ticket. Thus, it could also be that God wants to see a practical demonstration of our eagerness to see Him. What are we willing to sacrifice and what tangible efforts will we make to search Him out?
  • Reaction – we are not dealing with a cosmic order supplier, but with a person. As persons, we don’t mechanize our reciprocation, but rather operate on the basis of feelings and inspiration. Thus, one cannot force open the doors to see God, but simply engage themselves with enthusiasm and determination. We should eagerly anticipate a divine audience, but simultaneously be willing to patiently wait.
  • Perception – maybe God has already intervened in our life, but not in the way we were expecting. Often times we don’t see things as they are, but rather we see things as we are. When we carry stereotyped perceptions of how God should deal with us, we leave little room to witness how He is expertly working on a bigger and better plan that will satisfy our needs and desires.

The ability to witness the wonders of God is the unique gift of the most advanced spirituality in existence. The Bhagavad-gita doesn’t simply deliver a philosophy which convinces one to believe in God, but actually equips one with the tools and techniques to dynamically perceive Him at every moment.

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