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Digging a Little Deeper

The internet is full of different conspiracy theories. It’s hard to know whether we are living in illusion or reality due to the dubious integrity of our sources of information. Joseph Goebbels, known for his work with Adolf Hitler, undoubtedly knew something about propaganda. He once commented, “You tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it.” The creation of the universe, the origin of life and the evolution of man are the central pillars of science. These scientific theories are taught as irrevocable fact in schools, colleges and universities across the world. The amazing thing is that increasing evidence is being found which directly challenges these popular notions. However, the worrying thing is that such information is usually filtered out from mainstream awareness.

According to such theories, the first human-like primates are said to have appeared about 4 million years ago. Interestingly, we find carved stone tools from the same time period, clearly indicating the presence of advanced humans with dexterous ability. Even worse for the evolutionists, we find a fully “developed” human skeleton in Italy also from that time period. Unfortunately, knowledge filters prevent such information from hitting the headlines. We are told how 2 million years ago along came Homohabilis, and he developed about 1.5 million years ago into Homoerectus. However, even for this age there are also findings of carved shells and detailed clay statues in Nampa, Idaho. The list goes on.

It seems clear from this recently documented evidence that the theory of evolution, and the dates attributed to the appearance of mankind, are on shaky ground. Before submissively accepting such theories, popular as they may be, it may be worth ‘digging a little deeper’. As Sherlock Holmes said, “Don’t change the facts to fit the theory, change the theory to fit the facts.”

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