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We do quite a bit here, you know

Our Community

School of Bhakti is a diverse community with many different fields we like to get our teeth into. Here's a little something about the different departments and if you'd like to volunteer or get in touch, please let us know!


This team nurtures a warm, vibrant community of spiritual practitioners – organising courses, reading groups and the personalised support that we all need. Contact Asha!



Bhakti-yoga is universal ! At SB outreach we craft events and habitats which provide a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for everyone. Contact Radha Govinda!


Training & Ed

The science of Bhakti is simple yet profound. SB is dedicated to providing high-class educational programmes which navigate to the depths of this expansive ocean of theology . Contact Dimple


Marketing & Comms

SB has a beautiful message for the world, and we utilise all available methods and means to communicate far and wide, finding the way to every nook and corner... and every heart. Contact Rik



The message of SB needs to go far and wide, and for that we need robust systems, clear structures, and organisational excellence . Contact Bhupendra!



As we receive, we’re drawn to give back. At SB People we find opportunities for you to utilise your abilities and skills in serving others, expressing your bhakti in a dynamic and practical way . Contact Kishori!



Money spent for a spiritual cause is money well spent. Here we look at the figures, and make sure everything is in place to support all the good work . Contact Sankirtan Priya!


Social Media

Here we engineer our social media platforms, technology infrastructure, digital marketing strategies and much more . Contact Hersh



The School of a hive of activity - there's buildings to manage, students to service and lots of other vital tasks to keep the operation running! Contact Narinder



SB is on a mission to inspire a new wave of spiritual education! If you'd like to join forces and unite in parnership to teach bhakti in an understandable, inspiring and relevant way reach out now! Contact Brijesh


Events & Retreats

SB Events & Retreats offer you spiritual nourishment through the learnings of bhakti yoga. The retreats offer various activities from seminars workshops nature walks drama music dancing and connecting with like minded people. Held at beautiful venues within UK Europe and India. Contact Gopi Chandan!

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