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Yoga Immersion

Yoga Immersion

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Yoga Immersion


About this course

Yoga Immersion

Join Radha Govinda and Kishori Yogini the husband-and-wife duo as they guide you through a series of beneficial yoga practices that you can quickly incorporate into your daily life, from the art of breathing through pranayama, and the science of mudras.


This course will furnish you with the basic skills and Yoga practices that you will want to have in your daily toolbox, to enable you to move about the world with ease, balance, and confidence!


As with any form of exercise, the technique and timing of each exercise are crucial. Practicing Yoga with the guidance of experienced Instructors, with concentration, and with regularity helps achieve the best results. Radha Govinda and Kishori Yogini both trained at different yoga schools, so you will get a wide variety and the best of both schools!


Teacher Profiles

Radha Govinda

An enterprising young man of many talents, Radha Govinda realized in his early years as a monk that we are in a state of transition. Insights into communication, education, and ideas on science and religion are being shared and discussed on a level never seen before.


Increasingly, people are turning to spirituality to access a sense of happiness and fulfillment that goes beyond our present limitations. This inspired Radha Govinda to develop one of the most innovative and cutting-edge initiatives at the School of Bhakti called ‘Krishna Wisdom’. An initiative designed to help people living a modern lifestyle explore solutions for happiness and a better quality of life by accessing the knowledge of the ancient scriptures known as the Vedas.


Radha Govinda did his Masters in the UK before landing a lucrative job as a Control Systems engineer. Soon he came across the Krishna-conscious books and it wasn’t long before he put his burgeoning career on hold to spend a month living and serving at the temple. It turned out to be a long month!! He ended up spending ten years as a monk. During this period, he studied the scriptures, delivered seminars, organised events and retreats for spiritual seekers, and travelled around the world sharing what he learned.


Now he is one of the leaders of School of Bhakti and a major creative force behind some innovations that the school has recently developed. He is also a qualified yoga teacher, web designer, and accomplished musician. He loves singing kirtan, writing blogs, making friends, and sharing the wisdom of bhakti with the world. But arguably his most famous talent is his quick wit and great sense of humor. It really needs to be experienced!


Kishori Yogini

Kishori was brought up in the very south of England in a picturesque beach holiday destination, the Isle of Wight. After her studies, Kishori decided to venture out to the city of London where she worked in the television industry. After quickly realising the competitive city life wasn’t for her, she decided to travel. Her curious adventurous side led her to travel to various parts of Europe, Thailand, Australia, and India. Since then, Kishori has found herself deeply rooted and settled into the Bhakti Yoga tradition and has a passion to share this universal way of life with others.


Kishori is a qualified hypnotherapist and is finishing off her studies in psychotherapy. Having studied the mind and worked with many different people, Kishori is passionate about using yoga as a tool to not only bring balance and strength to the body but also to nourish and calm the mind. Kishori completed 500hr RYT teacher training and teaches Hatha yoga with a “Vinyasa flow” and you can be sure she will also weave some Bhakti yoga in there also!


“I’m committed to sharing with you authentic rich yoga and mindfulness practices. My classes will provide you with an opportunity to develop improved strength and flexibility, feel calm, have clarity of mind and come away with a greater sense of harmony and balance. Join me in a space where you can breathe at ease, discover peace, and be in a community where you will find genuine support, connection, and friendship.”


Provision of course material:

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Dates: 22nd Jan - 12th Feb
Day: Sundays
Time: 10 am - 1 pm
Duration: 4 sessions
Price: £60
Location: Bhaktivedanta Manor

Course Instructor

School of Bhakti Teacher
Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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Yoga immersion

Rated 5 out of 5
December 24, 2022

Yoga immersion course that was taught by Radha and Kishori was one of the best yoga sessions I have attended. Combination of yoga meditation and theory was very enjoyable and spiritual. Would love for this course to continue and have a part 2


Incredible yoga sessions, tops all time.

Rated 5 out of 5
November 1, 2022

I have taken yoga classes before, but this is without a doubt one of the best ones. Both Kishori and Radha are amazing in how much they want to teach us the right way of yoga and so many other things. I just wish there were more classes. I’ll keep an eye out whenever they do any other courses next.


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