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Bhagavata Life (1-6) Online

Bhagavata Life (1-6) Online

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Bhagavata Life (1-6) Online


About this course

Srimad Bhagavatam Cantos 1-6

Come and join us in the exploration of the ancient vedic scripture based from India, that explores everything from science, mathematics, art to love. We are all in search of love and happiness, and how can we find this eternal happiness and open our hearts to eternal love. The Bhagavatam allows you to study the truth and apply it in your lives, from leadership to business goals everything can be solved with the powers of the Bhagavatam, a universal theory based on the tradition of Bhakti Yoga.


Course Facilitators: Divyanama Das & Vrindavana Chandra Das


Sign up soon as spaces are limited. If you have any questions, please do contact us via

***This is an online course. The video recordings will be shared with all the registered participants at the end of the course***

Dates: 20th Sept - 8th Nov
Day: Every Sunday
Time: 3pm- 5:30pm
Duration: 8 sessions
Price: £80
Mode: Webex Online

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