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Spiritual Resilience

Spiritual Resilience

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Spiritual Resilience


About this course

Spiritual Resilience

Resilience is a quality that signifies strong roots and good grounding. It’s what spiritual practice is all about.

Challenges will come in life. People, health, the political situation, the weather – all can potentially disturb and even destroy our right to be happy. And yet the challenge for most seekers is not knowing what to do as much as not knowing how to apply what to do. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react and use these challenges as gifts that come to support our highest growth.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could put life on pause to introspect and notice the barriers that are getting in the way of living your best life?


This powerful, enlightening and interactive course will look at how divine wisdom and practices from the Krishna Bhakti tradition can help to:

  • Better overcome difficulties such as depression, anxiety, and hopelessness
  • Control emotions such as fear and anger
  • Understand negative and positive experiences and notions such as justice and love from a metaphysical perspective
  • Fortify ourselves with spiritual knowledge as we deal with and help others deal with the challenges of life
  • Raise the consciousness of ourselves and our environment


The Krishna Bhakti tradition is not just meant to change one’s understanding but to transform one’s attitudes and emotions, and to fundamentally alter one’s narrative on life into a powerful trajectory full of courage, trust and hope.


Whether you are new and dipping your toes into spirituality or consider yourself a seasoned spiritual seeker, there is something for everyone in this course.


Join us in this dynamic course where we will be amalgamating spiritual philosophy with an action-centric mindset.


Provision of course material:

Please visit our FAQs which clarifies what material is / is not provided –


Dates: 19th Feb - 12th Mar
Day: Sundays
Time: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
Duration: 4 sessions
Price: £35
Room: Yamuna Room, Bhaktivedanta Manor

Course Instructor

School of Bhakti Teacher

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