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Spiritual Relationships Online

Spiritual Relationships Online

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Spiritual Relationships Online


About this course

Spiritual Relationships

Course Outline

The strength of our relationships have a huge impact on how we move forward in our lives, and have special relevance for our spiritual life. Perhaps now more than ever, a real, mature and deep understanding and appreciation of the science of relationships is essential in order to bring about healing, unity, progress and confidence, and that journey starts within ourselves. Healthy relationships provide the foundation for everything else that we do in our lives. As we become better equipped to understand relationship dynamics and better equipped to understand how we can improve our own relationships, we become better equipped to be servants of the entire world, our communities and our families in a way that’s deep, lasting and meaningful. This seminar will share key insights from Spiritual Warrior 2, looking at the Dharma of relationships, the key things that we need to be mindful of and conscious of, to build healthy successful interactions with others. We can then evaluate our relationship maturity, as we look at those things that cause relationships to flourish or die. This seminar is a must see for anyone who wants to really move forward in developing the quality of their exchanges.

Date: 5th July
Day: Sunday
Time: 10.00am-12.30pm
Duration: 1 sessions
Price: £10
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Course Instructor

School of Bhakti Teacher

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