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My Journey to Krishna Consciousness

My Journey to Krishna Consciousness

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My Journey to Krishna Consciousness


About this course

My Journey to Krishna Consciousness

My Journey to Krishna Consciousness – How can one be inspired to serve the mission with Srila Prabhupada at the heart. 

Her Grace Malati Devi Dasi visits the UK and School of Bhakti invites you to join us for an exclusive event on Friday 14 April 2023.


Malati Devi Dasi joined ISKCON in San Francisco, USA. She was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in San Francisco in early 1967, and became an integral part of the pioneer years of ISKCON. In 1968, along with her six week old daughter Saraswati, Malati Devi Dasi was part of a team of six adults to first establish Krishna consciousness in the UK.


This epic adventure resulted in the release of the Radha­‐Krishna Temple album in 1969, produced by Beatle George Harrison. The Hare Krishna maha-­mantra and other devotional songs are featured on this recording, which received worldwide attention. She often traveled with her husband Shyamasundar, who was Srila Prabhupada’s personal secretary. Among other tasks Malati Devi Dasi cooked for Srila Prabhupada.


She then moved to India to assist in establishing the Hare Krishna movement (ISKCON) there, bringing it back to its source. During her sojourn, she assisted with the purchase and shipping of several sets of temple murtis to establish deity worship services in the American temples of Detroit, Dallas, Toronto and Chicago. This experience introduced her to the process of purchasing murtis, a service she continued to carry out for various temples.


She returned to the UK for some time to assist in establishing the property known as Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford, London acquired with the help of George Harrison. While in Europe Malati Devi Dasi conducted traveling programs for women, thus sharing Krishna consciousness in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark and propagating the philosophy, practice and books of Srila Prabhupada.


Join us as our esteemed speaker shares with you her personal journey to Krsna Consciousness and how we can be inspired to serve the mission with Srila Prabhupada at the heart!


There are limited spaces in our Bhakti Lounge, please do book in advance.


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Dates: 14th Apr
Day: Friday
Time: 6.30 pm to 8 pm
Duration: 1 session
Price: £5
Room: Bhakti Lounge, Bhaktivedanta Manor

Course Instructor

School of Bhakti Teacher

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