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Mindfulness for Stress Relief

Mindfulness for Stress Relief

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Mindfulness for Stress Relief


About this course

Mindfulness for Stress Relief

Life can be so hectic and demanding! In a state of fight or flight, you are constantly reacting to the situations and people around you and have little time to pause or reflect. You can also become stuck in habitual behaviour patterns or find yourself depleted, with little of quality to give.

Meditation and mindfulness are an antidote to stressful unconscious living. When practised regularly, they have been scientifically shown to activate areas of the brain that are connected to positive emotions, empathy, problem solving, emotional awareness and resilience.

Come along and find out how simple mindfulness practices could help you cope with stress and improve the quality of your life. This workshop will give you an understanding of stress biology, introduce you to the basic science behind mindfulness, and guide you through simple practices that you can easily apply in your daily life.

Dates: 23 Feb
Day: Sunday
Time: 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Duration: 1 Session
Price: £20
Room: Paramatma Room (Haveli)

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