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Glories of Brhad Bhagavatamrita

Glories of Brhad Bhagavatamrita

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Glories of Brhad Bhagavatamrita


About this course

The Wonderful Glories of the Brhad Bhagavatamrita

Join us for a wonderful 3 hour discourse on the Glories of the Brhad Bhagavatamrita!
The sacred scripture which captures the essence of the Srimad Bhagavatam and made accessible for the modern age thanks to the exalted Saint Sanatana Goswami.


HH Bhanu Swami Maharaj (ACBSP) will take us on an incredible journey helping us to become acquainted with this rarest of scriptural gems, it’s main protagonists like Gopakumar and Narada Muni and their voyages of cosmic and self discovery.


Maharaj will also distill it’s main themes, narrative and messages for our eternal benefit.


Provision of course material:

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Dates: 3rd Aug
Day: Saturday
Time: 10 am - 1 pm
Duration: 1 session
Price: £10
Location: Bhaktivedanta Manor

Course Instructor

School of Bhakti Teacher

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