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Deepening Your Connection With Japa

Deepening Your Connection With Japa

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Deepening Your Connection With Japa


About this course

Deepening Your Connection With Japa

Lessons from Sri Siksastakam

This workshop is part of the Holy Name Immersion Weekend.


As any relationship improves and deepens when given extra care and attention, our relationship with the Holy Name is no different. A transformation of the heart happens when we focus on improving our chanting, nourishing our relationship with Krishna and deepening our spiritual lives. Sadly, sometimes, we go on chanting japa for years without much inspiration or taste. We may even get so stuck that we either chant japa mechanically, out of duty, or even stop chanting japa altogether.


In this workshop, Mahatma Prabhu will help us see how Sri Siksastakam prayers are full of practical guidelines, insights and meditations that will enhance and empower our japa. He will facilitate us to utilize all these in going deeply into our japa, perhaps more deeply than we have ever gone before.


Sri Siksastakam can helps us to:

  • Better appreciate the holy names;
  • Purify our chanting from offences while addressing any regrets and remorse we may hold;
  • Realise and feel how dependent we are on the holy names for our advancement in Krishna consciousness;
  • Uncover the soul’s need for pure devotion;
  • Understand that real japa is to call out to Krsna in a completely helpless mood;
  • Learn what it means to be helpless but not hopeless
  • Develop real taste for chanting
  • Be assured that pure bhakti and the awakening our relationship with Krsna will both arise from focused, attentive chanting;
  • Get a glimpse into the moods of separation and how they facilitate pure unadulterated bhakti;
  • Feel inspired to use our japa as reciprocation with Krsna for all the love He gives us.


By spending more time with the holy name, guided by the insights of the Siksastakam prayers, Mahatma Prabhu has seen devotees regain lost faith, rekindle their attraction for chanting, and experience the name in new and profound ways. It’s even common for devotees who struggled with japa to vow to make japa their number one priority.


This workshop is a valuable opportunity to deepen and enrich our connection with the Holy Name. Allow Mahatma Prabhu to fully engage your mind and the heart in the practice of japa and experience chanting in new and powerful ways.


Sign up soon as spaces are limited or if you have any questions please do contact us at


Provision of course material:

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Dates: 24th June
Day: Saturday
Time: 10 am to 1 pm
Duration: 1 session
Price: £5
Room: Seva Hall, Sri Krishna Haveli

Course Instructor

School of Bhakti Teacher

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