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Bhagavatam Adventures for Children

Bhagavatam Adventures for Children

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Bhagavatam Adventures for Children


About this course

Bhagavatam Adventures for Children (L1)

This is an interactive course for children, based on the teachings of the Srimad Bhagavatam, the sun that rose when Lord Krsna left this material world.  The rays of this brilliant sun give us life lessons on how to live our lives and build healthy relationships with our parents, siblings, teachers and friends.


In the Bhagavatam you will find everything from how the universe was created, Krsna’s super-hero powers and the loving prayers of little Prahlad. You will find action filled adventures and wonderful heart-warming stories of the love that the people of Vraja, Vrindavan, had for Krsna. Whether you like reading Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Alice in Wonderland, you will find stories that are much more exciting and will keep you entertained for hours.    


If you want to give your child the opportunity for a spiritual foundation by which to discover answers to the BIG questions in life then join us on this wonderful adventure. This course will help your child get into the philosophy of the Bhagavatam through a lively study of these stories, through music, drama, interactive puzzles and quizzes.  

The course promotes a healthy attitude towards education through encouraging active reading, listening, hearing and evaluating skills. Sign up now to give your child a fun filled and engaging learning experience during your half term.  


This course encourages children to engage in reading exercises and actively participate in online quizzes.

Suggested age range: 8 to 14 years. 


Instructor Profiles

Saci Rani 

A professional teacher for 16 years, Saci Rani has always been inspired to share her knowledge and support individuals to grow in their journey towards self-actualisation. In 2011, This desire led her to join ISKCON in 2011 after which she became a disciple of HH Radhanath Swami.

At present she is working at one of the Avanti schools as a teacher and lead of Philosophy Religion and Ethics.

Saci Rani devi dasi has served at the children’s Krsna club at the Bhaktivedanta Manor and five years ago started a Krsna club in East London.

She is part of the Volunteer Care Committee at the Bhaktivedanta Manor and other volunteering activities include cooking for deities and mentoring.


Vrinda Sundari

Vrinda Sundari is an amazing down to earth teacher who brings a lot of fun and enthusiasm in her classes. Being a spiritual seeker, she found a connection with ISKCON whilst studying at Aston university where she qualified as a Pharmacist in 2000. Happily married, with a beautiful daughter and after many long years practicing pharmacy, Vrinda Sundari teaches PRE at Avanti Court in Barkingside.

Not only does Vrinda Sundari dedicate time and energy nurturing children in Krishna Club in East London and ISKCON London, she also makes time whenever she can to share the priceless vedic wisdom in a way that so easily captivates you and leaves you wanting to hear more. She is a respected mentor within the Pandava Sena mentorship system and loves to support individuals in their spiritual journey.


Provision of course material:

Please visit our FAQs which clarifies what material is / is not provided –


Sign up soon as spaces are limited. If you have any questions, please do contact us via


Dates: 28 Jul, 4 Aug, 11 Aug, 18 Aug
Day: Wednesday
Time: 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Duration: 4 sessions
Price: £10
Room: Zoom Online

Course Instructor

School of Bhakti Teacher

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