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Atma Paradigm


About this course

Atma Paradigm

The Science of Consciousness -Based Existence


The Atma Paradigm explores the big questions of philosophy and science: Consciousness, Reality, Life and the Universe combining the latest scientific ideas and evidence with the metaphysical insights of the Vedanta, Sankhya and Yoga traditions.


In the Part Three of this Webinar Series, we explore the phenomenon of life. What is it? What makes it special? How did it appear on Earth? Are animals conscious?


We take you on a journey from the world of genetics and microbiology through a critique of evolutionary theory to a revolutionary new model for explaining the experience, profilerations and variety of all life. This is a unique perspective that could change your idea of what it means to be alive.


www.tinyurl.com/atmaparadigm (facebook)

www.tinyurl.com/atmaparadigmYT (youtube)

Dates: 20th August - 8th October
Day: Every Thursday
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Duration: 8 sessions
Price: FREE (Donations Accepted)
Mode: Webinar Series Online

Course Instructor

School of Bhakti Teacher

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