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Frequently Asked Questions

Need a refund or want to know more details about a course? Your questions might already be answered below. If not, please get in touch with us from the 'Contact' page

When will I receive the joining link to attend the course online?

You will receive joining instructions together with the registration email.

On what platform are your online courses broadcasted on?

We use Zoom to conduct our online courses. We will advertise on the joining instructions which platform we will be using.

How can I volunteer with the School of Bhakti?

We would love for you to volunteer with us, please complete our short form and a member of the team will be in touch.

Who can I contact to learn about spirituality?

Please email us on and someone will be in touch with you within two weeks.

Are there any ready made online courses that I can view?

Currently we offer In Essence which is broken down into 10 modules of 10 minute sessions. This course can be accessed on our homepage

What if I cannot afford a course?

Write to us at with your particular constraint regarding affordability for a course and we can look at other options you can help such as some service – even if done remotely.

How can I access materials from a course I did one year ago?

Write to us at with the details of the course you attended with date(s) and we shall endeavour to provide you with the recording of the course, if possible. Please note that course materials and recordings cannot be provided for courses attended over six months ago.

Do you have courses in other languages?

At present some of our courses are being investigated for delivery in British Sign Language (BSL) for the hearing impaired. Other spoken languages are to be further investigated. More information on this will be available on our website – when available.

How do I get updates about the latest courses and events?

Please visit our website – – and click on the Courses link.

Is there anywhere I can go to ask questions about what we are learning?

Yes. You can sign up to our SB Community Forum for free where you can post questions and discussions etc. Responses are regularly posted on there. For specific/personal questions you may email them to us at and we will respond.

Do you have regular groups where we can learn more?

For some of our regular courses such as Gita Life we have complimentary discussion meetings (typically known as ‘Sanga’) where students who like to learn more about the subject matter can attend. All our students also have access to regular Bhakti Vriksha meetings or localised other Sanga groups that may be run in or near your area.

Do you have activities outside of London?

At present School of Bhakti is offering all our courses online and so yes everything is available outside of London and in fact internationally. Our onsite courses are run out of the SB Headquarters at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Soon however, SB Partnerships will be opening with other centres within the UK and Europe.

I don't know much about spirituality - can I still join the courses?

Yes! At the School of Bhakti we offer a variety of courses that guide our students through varying levels of courses. These build up on the spiritual a person may have – from none to a seasoned spiritualist.

What is School of Bhakti's refund Policy?

Please click this link to access School of Bhakti’s refund policy – Refund_policy

How long does it take you to process my refund?

A refund is processed within 7-10 working days. If you wish to request a refund please email us at

Do you provide course materials and recordings?

1. Core courses (all levels). Our current range of courses include:

Level 1: Explore, Overcoming Negativity, Spiritual Warrior, Introduction to Pranayama, You vs the Mind
Level 2: Gita Life, Mahabharata, Ramayana
Level 3: Bhagavata Life, Caitanya Caritamrta Compact, Bhakti Shastri, Guru Disciple

We will provide the standard slides and video recordings before the next session begins.


2. Additional courses – Examples include:
Srimad Bhagavatam individual cantos, courses with external speakers, one day courses or workshops

The video recording and where applicable any essential pre-read or worksheets will be provided as agreed with and if permitted by the course facilitator.


3. Free taster courses – Slides or video recordings will not be provided for taster sessions for our core courses. We will record for internal training purposes. We encourage students to attend live to gain maximum experience.


4. Donation based courses – only the video recording will be provided and where permitted by the teacher.


5. Children’s courses – To safeguard children attending the course we will not provide the recording to registered participants. We will record for internal training purposes only. Where applicable, any essential pre-read or worksheets as agreed with the course facilitator will be provided.


6. Online Events and Retreats – Slides or recordings will not be provided. If streamed on social media, then the recording will be available on our Facebook page.


Important notes:

Once you have registered for the course you will receive instructions on how to access the course materials and recordings (where applicable). The SB core course slides will be our standard pack and there may be minor variations to some slides because each facilitator will have their own way of teaching. If you would like to see what is being presented in the class then we kindly request that you watch the recording.


Course Material and recordings will only be available for six months after the course end date. All our courses are copyrighted therefore we request participants not to share our material with any third party, this includes friends, family members, other organisations.