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Puranjana and the City of 9 Gates

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Hare Krishna. Pamho, Agtsp.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my realisation I had during this Online Bhagavatam life session with HG Sutapa Prabhu. 

All the stories are amazing in Srimad Bhagavatam but the one which really captivated me was the story of Puranjana and Puranjani and the City of 9 gates.

Narada Muni description to King Pracenabarishat was so extraordinary and agile how He describes Puranjana, representing the living entity, The country of Pancala represents the atmosphere in which one can enjoy one’s senses, and the capital city represents the body itself, The city’s walls, parks, towers, gates, and so on represent the skin, hair, sensory organs, and other constituents of the body.


King Candavega (time) attacked the city of King Puranjana with 360 male and female soldiers, who represent the days and nights of the year, As each day and night pass, one has lost another day of one’s life. I was so blown away by this! It really gives you a perspective of our situation from a birds eye view, and really made me think and relate how I am in this condition and how a living entity leaves his home and friends just so they can find a city to rule even though he had been warned by Avignyata (super soul) who is his best friend. Even in this condition we can never be happy because we are always looking for happiness but we are looking at the wrong place, as Krishna says in Bhagavat Gita ‘Matra sparsas tu kaunteya, Sitosna-sukha -duhka-dah, agamapayino nityas tams titiksasva bharata’ Happiness and distress are non-permanent and we should learn to tolerate.


Narada Muni so tactfully and skillfully described the situations for example Kalakanya who is representing old age, the daughter of time. So while Candavega's (time) soldiers were attacking the city of King Puranjana, time’s daughter, old age, joined the attack. Kalakanya attacks imperceptibly that we fail to realise that old age is coming, I personally saw one grey hair on my head the other day and realised oh no I’m getting old! haha! so it really made me realised how old age creeps up on every one of our lives. We don’t realise how quickly and slyly old age creeps up, we all like to carry on like we are not getting old, we try to use various make-up, anti-wrinkling cream to cover up because we naturally don’t like to face the facts, the fear of growing old and being attacked by diseases, just as it is explained by Narada muni that Kalakanya was guided by her brother the king of Yavanas who represented fear and Prajvara who represented fever.


We are all busy planning for the future, working hard planning our retirement life but little do we know as one grows old, one loses one’s vitality and enjoyment slips away. From this story I understand the more Puranjana tried to enjoy, the more entangled he got in material existence, a living entity forgets that the body, family and home are temporary and works like an ass for the sake of money and supposed enjoyment. Like this we see King Puranjana’s who loses opulence, family, beauty and suffers in anxiety, if he had spiritual understanding  then he wouldn’t become bewildered and miserable and be overcome by the forces of time and eventually suffers his karmic reaction.


And the sad part of the whole story is Puranjana had a well-wisher named Avijnata and he was witnessing everything Unfortunately while the city was being devastated Puranjana couldn't remember this intimate friend. We have the Super soul in our heart witnessing all our actions and I need to realise he is my best friend in everything traveling with me from one body to another, sending me messages but due to false ego we don't listen to him.

If we can revive our relationship with Krishna then we can transcend the influence of illusion and escape the sufferings of materialistic life and Go back to Godhead, if one cannot revive that relationship and spends his whole life in sense gratification then we can never remember Krishna at the time of death and will continue to be in the vicious cycle of birth and death.

The ending was nice how Puranjana took birth as a princess and had a good husband, and that friend Avijnata was there when her husband had passed away and she received the spiritual knowledge and eventually went back to Godhead


Thank you so much again School of Bhakti!


your servant


Dipadatri Gaurangi dd

Posted : 15/07/2020 8:51 am
srikanth rv
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This is a beautiful story, and we think you can identify a topic that helps you bring your thoughts out, "As each day and night pass, one has lost another day of one’s life." How about Bhagavatam and Time, Bhagavatam and Life? You can include this wonderful story and derive further interest in the life of Puranjana. 

Please let us know if you need help. Thank you for sharing I loved how you used vivid descriptions of describing situations in your own life as old age and make-up use. This is brilliant! 

Posted : 15/07/2020 11:30 am
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@harika_Hare Krishna, about 'All the world's a stage, Bhagavatam and the wired machinery of body'

Posted : 15/07/2020 12:51 pm
srikanth rv
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Hare Krishna, that is a very interesting topic, you can streamline it to Bhagavatam and The Body or Bhagavatam and Machines, maybe also Bhagavatam and Reality.

Posted : 15/07/2020 1:23 pm