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My inspiration story

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Hare Krsna

A few years ago i embarked on the journey to study the Srimad Bhagavatam in a deeper way by enrolling on the Bhakti Vaibhava course. At first it was challenging to keep up with the reading, assignments, essays and classes. Something i really enjoyed and found helpful was writing the essays. Writing didn't come easily and each time i went through the process of creating mind maps of ideas and researching about the topic and then coming back to the mind map. Some times it was frustrating and thought i was getting nowhere but then there would be a break through. 

I have realised that although this was a painful process has helped me understand the teachings from the Srimad Bhagavatam in a deep way and it gave me the opportunity to reflect on where i was on my spiritual journey and how to apply the teachings to progress further. It also gave me the opportunity to relish the nectar of the Srimad Bhagavatam.

This experience has inspired me to join the Bhagavatam project and although writing doesn't come easily to me but i am sure it will be rewarding in the end. I am grateful to have this opportunity to be inspired by all the members of this group.

Ys Saci Rani dd

Posted : 16/07/2020 8:55 am
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Hare Krishna,

Great article, I am involved in the Bhagavatam Project too, keep up the good work!


Posted : 16/07/2020 6:59 pm
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It was difficult at first to keep up with the reading, assignments, essays, and classes. Writing the essays was something I truly loved and found useful. Writing didn't come quickly, and I had to go through the process of constructing mind maps of ideas, studying the issue, and then returning to the mind map. It was difficult at times, and I thought I was going nowhere, but then there would be a breakthrough.

Posted : 28/05/2022 7:16 am