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Inspirations from Prahlad and Dhruv  

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The stories of Prahlad and Dhruv inspires me the most.


Nothing could deter Prahlad's devotion to Vishnu. He was always fearless and peaceful chanting the Holy Names of Vishnu and glorifying the Lord. Prahlad was fixed in Transcendental Knowledge and had no ill feelings towards Hirankashipu who put Prahlad into danger numerous times. Such is the greatness of Lord's devotee who is always glorifying the Lord and uplifting others.


 Dhruv story is also inspiring. Dhruv wanted a kingdom greater than his father's and grandfather 's because he was hurt by his stepmother who insulted him. He was a brave Kshatriya who impressed the Lord. When he saw the Lord face to face then Dhruv realised that he was asking for a few broken pieces of glass while the Lord was a shinning diamond in front of him. Material list of things cannot compare with the spiritual bliss in being with the Lord and serving Him.

Both stories inspire me to be focused and determined in Krishna Consciousness and devotional service.

Posted : 29/06/2020 6:17 pm
Illustrious Member Captain

Great writing - thank you! Please submit this to harikasharma@krishnatemple.com so it can be included in an upcoming School of Bhakti publication on the Srimad-Bhagavatam!

Posted : 02/07/2020 2:04 pm

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