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Friendship and Power  

Hetal Vekaria
Eminent Member Explorer

Krishna leaving this planet after fulfilling his mission maybe the most emotional part of the Bhagavatam and we see a glimpse of the love that is about to be revealed.  Arjun is completely disorientated , confused and tries to process his feelings by recalling many memories with Krishna and becomes overwhelmed by grief, canto 1.15.3 perfectly describes his state of mind.  We may have had a taste of Arjun's bereavement during lockdown.

When Krishna leaves, Arjun's great qualities leave with Krishna, everything is taken away his beauty, power and apparent peacefulness, you could say he was a walking dead. 

It’s interesting that when Krishna leaves all of Arjun's opulence leaves too, we may also have such friends in our life, without their presence, we feel inadequate, dysfunctional, friends who give us knowledge, love and credit without needing anything in return, who have nothing to prove and only have our best interest at heart. We may think that the abilities we have are due to our own endeavours, we don’t acknowledge that our power comes from other people, different experiences all arranged as an elaborate plan to eventually give us what we desire the most.

Krishna being perfect in all relationships sets the standard high in terms of friendship. Krishna could have done anything; he could have just ended the war by annihilating the opposing party at once... Krishna chose to empower Arjun with knowledge, power and strength to realise for himself what he has to do.

We have many friendships throughout out our lives, and our social media is a public record of it. We may think that Friendship is about saving the day by our own idea of heroism, how many of these friendships are about being selfless and not about being the "hero".

Krishna by his example shown what it means to be a friend, yes he set the bar very high, but without trying we may never come close to experiencing real friendship.

Posted : 25/06/2020 9:21 pm
Illustrious Member Captain

Great writing - thank you! Please submit this to harikasharma@krishnatemple.com so it can be included in an upcoming School of Bhakti publication on the Srimad-Bhagavatam!

Posted : 02/07/2020 2:04 pm

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