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Why Deity Krishna is black or blue

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Hare Krishna

my daughter asked me question why some of the Krishna deity in temples are black and some blue or white.

I am unable to give her proper answer, could you please help me with this.




3 Answers

Just like the Sun which appears to us as red, orange or even pink at times, what we see is what is in the heart. Krishna is actually the color of a monsoon cloud, but he appears in different forms to satisfy the desires of those who love him. As a mother can be loving, harsh, rash, caring, supportive and angry at her child all in one time, so does Krishna appears to come is all shapes, colors and sizes, it all depends on how big your imagination is and how big your heart is to see that all the ways Krishna appears, he simply does so that he can show us the magic of his love. 


It is because of the Magic of God that krishna is blue in colour.


The colours blue/black are the colours of all inclusiveness - these colours are also associated with things that are beyond our minds, imagination, perception for example the Ocean, the sky, space.