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Rituals After death - are they necessary ?

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Hare Krishna Devotees,

I am asking this question as bit confused as to whether it is necessary to perform the rituals after the death of family members, from the beginning we have seen and performed these rituals but  as we have very close one who has decided to donate their body after death, so no rituals will be performed as body will be handed over to the medical team.

In Krishna consciousness, we understand the soul leave the body and goes into the another one, so the material body left behind is of no use so does this matter whether we burn the body or not?

Just want to make sure they take the right decision.





Bhakta David Bhakta David 20/01/2021 1:02 pm

I will get back to you about the rituals as soon as possible. Haribol.

2 Answers

Hare Krishna Girish. Thanks for your question. One thing that i would have to mention is that the soul is responsible for the body it is given by the Demigod's and ultimately by Krishna. Due to this responsiblity it should be stressed that it is not recommended to donate one's organs to another. The reason for this is that in this current age the organs will likely live on in the body of another who will be in most cases not a devotee or practising Krishna conciousness. This means that the soul even if it has departed is still liable to karmic reactions performed by the receiver of the organs as the organs are helping the persons to perform their activities which are more than likely to cause unwanted reactions. Haribol. Your servant. Bhakta David.

GirishChopra GirishChopra Topic starter 20/01/2021 6:43 pm

Hare Krishna Bhakta Prabhu,


Thanks for your response.

But we are still not very clear as when we die, Soul goes to take on another body based on the karmas. isn't this is true? Also, karma is related to the Soul not body or its organ.

When only body left and if that can be used to save someone's life, we believe Krishna will definitely see that as goodness. Whether we did something good during of lifetime or not but after death we have definitely did something good.

Are you suggesting soul does not to take another body unless body is cremated? if that is the case then as we see around the world people gets buried and body still lies into the ground, does that mean those souls remains in one or other planets?





Hare Krishna Girish. As I mentioned the individual soul has a responsibility for the body that is provided by the Demigods. Unless one is completely liberated from material existence, their soul is covered with a certain conditioning. If they leave their body it does not mean they are free from their karma. Karma is definitely related to the gross material body and the subtle body, witch are both manifest due to material conditioning. The soul will enter a new body based on the karmic circumstances and the desires of the living entity. As everything is accounted for by the law of karma, then one is due to experience karmic reactions wether they are good or bad even if they have left their current body. This is because the soul is responsible for the material body that is gifted to them by the Lord. Of course it is a very good intention do donate one's body for the welfare of others. However this may have unwanted implications when considering the Karmic law. As unfortunately not all individuals are adhering to higher spiritual understanding. The majority of people in this world are living sinful lives according to the vedas. As people in general are seeking to fulfill their own desires without dovetailing their activities to serve the Lord. Srila Prabhupada speaks about philanthropy in the Nectar of Instruction, and he mentions that yes these philanthropic works may relieve suffering temporarily, however they will not provide any permanent solution. That is why practicing Krishna consciousness gets to the root of all problems by ending the repeated cycle of birth and death, and also solving the problems of society by evolving people's conciousness so they do not live a life that neglects karmic injunctions. If an individual's life is saved by having the good fortune to receive a new organ, however unless that person is living in accordance with the instructions of a bonafide Guru and Sastra then this will have unfavorable reactions for the donar as they are responsible for what they do with the body God has gifted them. I hope this clarified for you the point I was trying to convey. Haribol. Your Servant. Bhakta David.