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[Solved] Reflective questions: Who am I?...

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Hare Krsna, Have you ever felt lost or uncertain about who you are?  I have tried to put some thoughts down on paper.  If you have had any similar reflections, learnings or answers to the below questions, please do share!  🙂

Reflections of a Wandering Soul

Who am I – What am I?

Am I this body

Am I really a pure jiva

Am I the senses

Am I the mind


Who am I – Am I my thoughts?

Why does my mind trick me constantly

Can I blame it on Maya Devi

Can I shrug and make excuses

Saying it has been written, decided by the Controller


Who am I – Who was I?

What purpose do I have

What karma have I collected

Why am I so attached…

Why do I feel so unfulfilled


Who am I – What are my actions?

I am the jiva, but still behave as the body

I am he, whose mind is not (yet) his friend

I am the earnest pretender

I pray as if sincere, wishing to serve

Yet my actions show I am not


Who am I – What is my identity?

The wonderful Bhagavatas, I take for granted

I have had deep spiritual mercy and shelter,

And yet I am absent when it suits me

Picking my moments to be present


Who am I – Where do I go?

Blessed by the guidance of Guru, Sadhu & Shastra

I know I can do more,

If only I open my heart, close the chattering mind

I need not continually fall


Who am I – Who will I be again?

Time is the inexhaustible, eternal enemy

And I have lifetimes of layers to shed,

To find the courage to endeavour, love and trust

To get serious on the path ahead

srikanth rv 28/04/2020 6:55 pm

@rajesh_p Thank you for sharing these! Great and interesting reflections. 

3 Answers

This is a wonderful expression of the situation, our quandary.  You have expressed it succinctly and have captured the essence of the struggle and quest for answers. Great clarity of thought.  I thank you and look forward to equally clear answers.  Unfortunately I don't have any


Mind wanders off playing tricks on her It has to be contained with intelligence 

Who am I? What a difficult question to answer I am not this material body, I am not mind, intelligence I am here to awaken KC and burn karmic actions so can return back to Godhead - Golak Vrindavan 

srikanth rv 29/04/2020 12:50 pm

@radharani Yes indeed "Who am I?" is a difficult question to answer. I am nothing but a mere servant of the servant of the servants. 

Topic starter

@Radharani, @Harika, thank you! So we seem to be saying:

Who am I - Purpose: To Awaken intelligence, to burn of karmic reactions, (and as a servant of the servant of the servant) whom should we serve - Krishna, Guru, Vaishnavs/devotees, all jivas, and then how should we serve and with what mood?  Hmmm, questions that lead to more questions, reflection and hopefully the right answers ... 🙂  Thank you