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Why is approaching Krishna as Bhagavan superior to Paramatma and universal form?


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Why is approaching Krishna as Bhagavan superior to Paramatma and universal form?

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When we approach Bhagavan, there is greater opportunity for intimacy, interaction, service, reciprocation and therefore there’s much greater opportunity for love. Since our greatest yearning in life is the yearning to have unalloyed love, that is only completely fully satisfied when one connects with Bhagavan, and therefore Bhagavan is said to be the most superior form of the Lord to approach.

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Thankyou for your response. So you mean as Bhagawan one can develop a relationship with God? How does one know you have this relationship, can we see it or do we feel it, or its just there and we do not even know it?


Hare Krishna

How can you have a relationship with someone whose name you don't know, whose personality you don't know - let alone not knowing any features etc

Related to the sun in brackets:

Brahmjyoti is the energy of the Supreme (the sunrays or light)
Paramatma is the Supreme (the sun globe we can see in the sky)
Bhagavan is the Personality (the actual deity who is the sun god)

Only the Personality will lead us to the understanding that Sutapa Prabhu elaborates on above so nicely.

Hare Krsna

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