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Who are all the processes in SB mentioned suitable for, if not Pariksit?


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Srila Prabhupada says there is not one word in SB which is not connected to Krishna. Why then in this section is Sukadeva Goswami speaking about other processes? If all these different systems astanga-yoga, etc., were not suitable for Pariksit, who were they suitable for?

2 Answers

Every word of Srimad-Bhagavatam is meant to nurture love within the reader, and therefore everything is in pursuance of that goal. Even when we read indirect explanations, genealogies analytical passages, all of these serve various purposes in developing pure love for Krishna. When we read analytical passages we develop faith, when we read genealogies and accounts of individuals of the past we’re introduced in a more personal way to the illustrious Vaisnava’s in history, when we discuss different processes of approaching the Absolute Truth, we appreciate more how Bhakti is the most amazing and profound path to follow, so in this way everything that’s contained within the Bhagavatam, even things that may seem to be separate from discussing pure love for Krishna, because there all in pursuance and helping the reader to develop that pure love for Krishna, there all still very much part of the Bhagavatam and very much part of the methodology of developing pure love for Krishna.

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Thank you for this beautiful explanation. If we are all in the pursuit of love, then why do we all suffer soo much for this love? Isn't Krishna supposed to protect us and save us from pain and heartbreak, yet most of those who do fall in love, find themselves walking on thorns.  

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