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Which version of the Bhagavatam are we reading?  



Seems like the Bhagavatam was spoken many times... Narada to Vyasa, Vyasa to Sukadeva, Sukadeva to Pariksit, and Saunaka to the sages. So which one are we reading?

1 Answer

Thank you for your question. We are reading what Vyasadeva has written and he has predicted the future. It also depends what part of the Bhagavatam you are in, because Bhagavatam can be described as a series of conversations within conversations. From Suta Goswami to the sages of Naimisharanya, speaking about Parikshit Maharaj and Sukhdev Maharaj, to Udhava and vidura and Maitreya. 

It is a series of conversations.  

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