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What is the unique significance of Bharata Varsha vs the other Varshas in Bhumandala - in regards to bhakti and in general?


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What is the unique significance of Bharata Varsha vs the other Varshas in Bhumandala - in regards to bhakti and in general?

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Hare Krishna. The Bhu-Mandala has seven Oceans and Seven continents. Jambudvipa is the innermost island of Bhu-Mandala. Description in SB. 5.16.4-10. The central portion (Kosa) within the seven islands, which are situated as circular coverings (Kosa) in the lotus of Bhu-Mandala (Kuvalaya), is known as Jambudvipa  This Jambudvipa is 100,000 yojanas wide and circular like a lotus leaf. The Jambudvipa has been divided into nine divisions of land(varsa) each extending to a width of 9,000 yojanas. Among the nine Varsas Bharata-Varsa is considered to be the field of fruitive activities, and the other eight Varsas are considered as heavenly places on earth. Bharata-Varsa is understood to be the field of Karma and the other eight Varsas are known as "heaven on earth" , places to enjoy the remainder of pious acts after leaving Svarga. In order to distribute His mercy to his devotees, the Supreme Lord, Narayana, remains present in his various forms in each of these nine tracts of land. It should be understood that these presiding Deities of the various Varsas are deity forms of the Lord as described by Prahlada in his prayers. ( Ref SB. 5.18.8). In Bharata-Varsa, many destinations ( heavenly, human and hellish) are prescribed for all people, because people take birth according to actions in sattva, rajas and tamas. The Demigods glorify the land of Bharata-Varsa. ( SB 5.19.21-28) The devatas glorify the land of Bharata-Varsa, because attaining birth there is suitable for service to Mukunda. (SB. 5.19. 22-24) A moments stay in Bharata-Varsa is better than living for a kalpa on Brahma-Loka, since on Brahma-Loka one must take birth again. Those who fix their minds on the Lord in Bharata in a body subject to death, on giving up all pious and impious acts, attain Vaikuntha. Hare Krishna. I hope this answered your question. I used the book Bhagavata Cosmology which contains information on this topic. 

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