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Is it enough to turn my work into devotional work?

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I am an ambitious artist; I live for inspiration and feel Krishna is in this process of experiencing inspiration. Is this enough to turn my work into devotional work?

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In order to turn our work into devotional work or devotional service four things should be there and it’s easy to remember the 4 R’s. The first R stands for righteousness; our work should bring benefit to the world, it should improve people’s lives, it should bring goodness and it should hopefully make the world a better place. The second R stands for remember; we should try to remember Krishna while we’re doing our work, and we should remember that Krishna is the inspiration, Krishna is the ability, and by being conscious of Krishna while we’re doing our work then that helps to make the work devotional service. The third R is results; we should then try to use the results of whatever work we’re doing, the influence, the money, the intelligence that we gain from it, all of this should be utilized in Krishna’s service. The final R stands for remaining time; outside of the time when we’re working, we should try to use the remaining time in Krishna’s service directly hearing, chanting and worshipping Krishna so that when we’re actually engaged in working, then the other three come much more naturally.

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Thankyou for the wonderful explanation, do we have to practice all four of them to get the benefits? Or can we pick one mood for example remember and meditate on it will be work?