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Song without rhyme  



I often have this doubt. Why the Gita has no rhyming lines? Isnt rhyme very much needed for any song or poetry?

We dont find even a couple of verses with rhyme. Contrary to this, you can check the Bhaja Govindam song which has rhyme throughout 


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Not all poems or songs incorporate Rhyme - that is simply one option in the toolbox.

What makes something poetry or song is its ability to invoke heartfelt emotion, communicate depth in brevity, instigate reflection, and uncover the realities of life with force and clarity, all through exquisite language which shines with beauty.

Therefore the Bhagavad-gita scores 10/10.


I beg to differ, the Bhagavad Gita is the most poetic and deep literatures of the world. Written As It Is by the greatest Kavi in this world Srila Prabhupada. Sri Krishna and Arjuna, Lord and Servant, Supersoul and Soul,Part and Parcel, Lover and Beloved...Isn't it ironic? though Krishna was the Lord of the universe, He is still tied down by the ropes of love for his pure devotees. There is much more to poetry than just a few visible rhymes on the surface, sometimes the irony of the tale in itself is an invisible rhyme. Creating an invisible mystery and turn of events is a symphony of rhymes, such that words dance and rhyme unknowingly to the visible eye but if heard in the heart every invisible rhyme becomes visible. Like a sweet melancholy, what is poison becomes nectar.

I think if we develop that relationship with the Gita, to hear, to listen, to submit, than Krishna will reveal all the knowledge to us. In the Gita it was in the relationship of friendship that we see between Arjuna and Krishna. What relationship are we trying to cultivate with the Gita? The mood we cultivate that is what we will see in the Gita, like a mirror it will reflect what it sees. 

It says in the introduction of the Gita we need to read the Gita submissively, with our open heart and let the mind rest. I think we need to surrender our critical rational mentality sometimes and open ourselves to the magic within the soul. To understand the Gita you need to stop thinking, unlearn what the material world teaches you. Become irrational, a fool, because that is what love does, in order to see the truth you sometimes need to go blind. It is difficult to rest the mind and start listening, but if you imagine Krishna playing a flute than you will see him play it. That is faith, you do not need intelligence you need heart, to love, to give. Even an elephant passes through the eye of a needle, with the power of faith. 

For example have you ever heard a poem from a child? Children write the most beautiful poems with rhymes or no rhymes, for a mother her child's poem is full of unconditional love. It is simple and superb! Even if she does not understand the language somehow she will have understood the child's heart. The purity, the innocence and the wonder in their imagination make every mother cry from heart. Not because the child wrote the greatest piece of literature, with rhymes and scholarly perfection, but only because of the power of Love. In imperfection there is great perfection, no wonder it is called Rajya Vidya, The King of Knowledge. 

Instead of pursuing the Gita for rhymes we should dig deeper and see where all those streams of rhymes eventually take us...which is the greatest Rhyme of all, the pursuit of love, Bhakti. 

No wonder the Gita is called The Most Confidential Knowledge, the secret is... all the lines will start to rhyme as you start to hear Krishna in every word, as you open your heart to the power of love you will understand this great song of God and everything will eventually start to rhyme throughout. 

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