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Question and Answer about Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha.

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Thanks you, for helping with some questions I have about Buddha and Jesus.

1. Buddha - sb3.16.26
It says ‘Lord Buddha, for example, was an incarnation, yet he preached atheism: There is no God, But actually there was a plan behind this, as explained in Bhagavatam’. I’d like to know why he preached atheism and this plan, any reference in the spiritual literature would be welcomed please. 🙏. 

Answer by his Grace Sutapa Das.

Thanks Nuala for your question. Buddha appeared at a time when people were misusing Vedic Scriptures for the purpose of killing animals. Since nonviolence (ahimsa) is a prerequiste for anyone seeking to spiritually advance, Buddha descended to the earth in order to establish that moral principle. In order to do that he rejected the Vedic Scriptures and theism (which people were misusing) so he could re-lay a spiritual foundation. Sometimes you have to take a step back, to take a step forward. More can be found here:        


2. Jesus - I couldn’t find in any texts I’ve read so far about Jesus, yet a quick google on confirms he was an incarnation. Are there any texts I can read about this please, and why is Buddha mentioned frequently as an incarnation and not Jesus 🙏 thank you             

Regarding your questions on Jesus, Srila Prabhupada did often refer to Jesus as an 'empowered incarnation', what we call "saktyavesa avatar" in sanskrit. Predictions of Christ can be found in books like Bhavisya Purana - many of the quotations can be found in the book "Christ and Krishna" (,3382/) . Another interesting article which builds on what Jason said can be found here:





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Hare Krishna.