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Gita Life Online Course as Taught by Sutapa Das Prabhu  



I was wondering what the week to week syllabus content for Gita Life is as taught by Sutapa Das Prabhu. For example, Week 1 covers so and so, Week 2 covers so and so. I was wondering if we could get a week to week breakdown. Thank you. 

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Thank you very much for your question. Every Week on Gita Life we follow through a new chapter, and we also use the Gita Life course book to study and breakdown the chapter. You can download the book here GITA LIFE BY SUTAPA DAS

Each week Sutapa prabhuji takes us through an exciting journey on how to apply the Gita in modern life and we also discuss queries, concerns and have live chats. The classes invite students to prepare case studies on there experiences, share their stories on the Gita and find exciting new ways of team building exercises. 

Please join the GITA IN 3 hours COURSE if you want to get a taster on the course. Use this link to register now: https://schoolofbhakti.com/course/gita-in-3-hours/


I have already taken the Gita Life class when it was taught under the College of Vedic Studies (taught by someone else besides Sutapa Das Prabhu).  At that time, the weekly breakdown was as follows:


* Week 01 Intro, Ch 1 (Verse 1-12)

* Week 02 Ch 1 (Verse 13-42), Ch 2 (Verse 1-10)

* Week 03 Ch 2 (Verse 11-72), Ch 3, Ch 4 (Verse 1-15)

* Week 04 Ch 4 (Verse 16-24)

* Week 05 Ch 4 (Verse 25-42), Ch 5, Ch 6 (Verse 1-9)

* Week 06 Ch 6 (Verse 10-47), Ch 7

* Week 07 Ch 8, Ch 9

* Week 08 Ch 10, Ch 11

* Week 09 Ch 11 (recap), Ch 12, Ch 13

* Week 10 Ch 15, Ch (14 & 17)

* Week 11 Ch 16, Ch 18

When I took the Gita Life class there was no Gita Life Taster course. I have registered for the Gita Life Taster course that will be taking place this weekend, so I can get a summary view of things.


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