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Why was Pariksit maharaj cursed?

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Even though Pariksit Maharaj was a perfect devotee but still he was cursed. How can we understand this?

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Krishna puts the pure devotees through suffering in order to help us understand how we should react to suffering, Srila Prabhupada often gave the example of teaching the daughter in law by teaching the daughter. So he gave the example that there may be a mother in law and she wants to teach the daughter in law a lesson, but because they don’t have that relationship she basically chastises her own daughter who she has a good relationship with, but who may not have done anything wrong, but by simple seeing the daughter being chastised then the daughter in law looks at that and learns from that and realises that I should make sure I don’t do this. So Krishna chastising, cursing or putting the pure devotees through suffering, is simply a lesson for all the conditioned souls, so that, they can understand how we should deal with different situations, and how we should act, with grace with devotion and with determination and ultimately with spiritual consciousness, so that we can use every situation to come closer to Krishna.