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Loving others

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What is the point of Krsna putting us on earth and giving us abilities to make connections with family, giving us abilities to love and feel emotions for others other than Krsna, if we are meant to give it up anyway?

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It’s not that were not meant to have loving relationships, it’s not that were not meant to have emotions and affection for other people, it’s not that were not meant to have family, society, friendship, all of these things, but what Krishna wants us to do, is have loving relationships, emotions, family, friendship, all of these things but based on a spiritual principle, and therefore sometimes it’s necessary for one to sever material connections, in order to usher in a much deeper relationship, a relationship based on the soul, a relationship based on an eternal principle, and therefore giving up family, is not meant to signify the giving up of relationships, but its meant to signify the giving up of material interactions, material connections and usher in a much deeper vision whereby we see the whole world as our family, and we see all living entities as spirit souls related to Krishna that we have an intimate connection with, and therefore its said that Caitanya Mahāprabhu gave up the small world of family life, in order to embrace the whole world as his family. So far from not having relationships, emotions, family and friendships spirituality is about having emotions, love, friendship and family but in a spiritual way, in a broader context under an eternal principle that will last forever and ever.