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Letting go of family

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Our spouse and family may take shelter from us to guide and protect them through life, which can be said to be our dharma. Is it right to be letting go of our dharma at end of life?

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At different times in our life, our dharmas will be different, as we go through different age ranges in our life, we change our ashram, and as we change our ashrams then our dharma also change, so the dharma of a brahmacari the dharma of a grhastha the dharma of a vanaprastha the dharma of a Sannyasis, are all different, so as one ages and the children have grown up, by that time one should have fulfilled the dharmic responsibilities of grhastha life, one should have provided security, instruction and spiritual guidance to the children and the children should be grown up enough, and then the idea is then one focuses on the next dharmic aspect of their life, which is to cultivate spiritual knowledge, so it’s not a question of giving up dharma at the end of life but its about living the dharma that one is supposed to live at the end of their life and ultimately embracing the paro dharmo which is to develop our spiritual consciousness and love for Krishna.