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Cruel way to die for Yadus

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Why did Krishna choose such a cruel and horrific way for Yadus to leave the earth?

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“Even though Lord Kåñëa wanted to arrange for the disappearance of the members of the Yadu dynasty, He could not personally kill them, as He had killed many demons, because the Yadu dynasty was His own family. One might ask why Lord Kåñëa did not arrange for them to be killed by others. Therefore it is stated in this verse, naivänyataù paribhavo 'sya bhavet kathaïcit: because the Yadu dynasty was the Lord's own family, no one within the universe was capable of killing them, not even the demigods. In fact, Viçvanätha Cakravarté Öhäkura points out that no one within the universe was capable of even insulting the members of the Yadu dynasty, what to speak of defeating or killing them. The reason is given here by the words mat-saàçrayasya. The members of the Yadu dynasty had fully taken shelter of Kåñëa, and therefore they were always under the personal protection of the Lord. Since the powerful Yadu dynasty, being the Lord's personal family and army, could not possibly be defeated by anyone, Kåñëa arranged an internal quarrel, just as the wind in a bamboo forest sometimes rubs the bamboos together and creates a fire that consumes the entire forest.” (SB 11.1.4)