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Canto 3 - Vidura's conversation with Uddhava and Maitreya

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Hare Krishna,


Question 1 - Slight confusion I have is that vidura received knowledge from Uddhava and Maitreya rishi as below:

Uddhava - told vidura stories about krishna from personal experience on banks of Yamuna?

Maitreya rish - told vidura about the knowledge he received from Krishna then also the version of Bhagavatam he heard from Parasara Muni, in Haridwar?


is my understanding correct?


Question 2 - Krishna's plan is perfect, so then why did he not have time to go and see the sages at Badarikasrama? was there another reason why he wanted Uddhava to go there on his behalf?


Did Krishna know that, the sight of Krishna leaving the planet would be too much for Uddhava to handle?


Thank you in advanced,